Open Camera – the best and free Camera app for Android


Looking for the best camera application to click awesome pictures on your Android? A Good camera does’t change the capacity of your camera but it directly effects on the quality of the camera.

Open Camera is suck type of camera which effects on your camera quality and helps you with capturing better quality pictures. Open Camera is way better than the built-in camera application comes with your Android. The best thing about Open Camera is that, it is free of cost. Yes, open camera is available on Google Play Store to download for free. Also there is no ads available in the application, if you want to support there is a donate button available.

Open camera is fully customizable with awesome controls. You can control everything – Brightness, Contrast, ISO, Scene directly. You can also use this application to shoot 4K videos, if your phone supports 4K.

As well as clicking pictures, you can also control all of them while shooting videos. Open camera is very good for low light and sometimes you just don’t need to use the flash at night while clicking with this camera app.

Enough talking, it’s time to test or compare Open Camera application with Built-in Android Camera.

Is Open Camera really good?

If you ask me, then my answer will be yes. Open Camera is way better than the built-in Android Camera and it is just perfect for low-light shoot. Most of the built-in camera can’t shoot the perfect shot in low light but Open Camera can.

Overall open camera is an awesome and all in one camera application you need on your Android device. The controls on the application make it way better than the built-in camera applications and hence it is free of costs and without Ads, you should try this at least  for once.


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